The following instructions are for recovering your Silhouette Studio software library in case your computer has crashed or you're moving to a different computer.

NOTE: These steps will not work to recover custom library content that was not specifically set to sync, including files that may have been saved outside of the software's library.

To recover your Silhouette account library to your new computer:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Silhouette Studio
    NOTE: The following steps will not work unless you have successfully updated the software to the current version
  2. Open Silhouette Studio
  3. Go to the Library
  4. Log into your Silhouette account
    NOTE: Your Silhouette library content that you've selected to be synced previously on other devices will then be downloaded to your new computer
  5. If needed, click on the 'Sync' button (located on the lower left-hand side of the library)

⚠️ Error Message Help: 'Too Many Devices' or 'Maximum number of active devices for this account has been reached.'


If you are unable to find select library content (designs, fonts, patterns, etc.) that you were expecting to see but don't, check the following points:

  • Was the content synced on your previous computer? Aside from any Silhouette Design Store content you've purchased on your Silhouette account if you have not synced your own created files on your older/alternate device, then these files will not appear in your software library on other devices.
  • Are you looking in all of the right folders? If you're manually scrolling through your entire library looking for your content, make sure that in addition to checking collapsed folders, you are selecting the right folder for the type of content you're looking for. For example, if you're looking for a font style, make sure you are searching the 'Fonts' folder.
  • Are you looking for an SVG file? SVG files are not stored in the Silhouette Studio library. You can recover these to your new computer by redownloading them from the Silhouette Design Store from your purchase history.
  • Are you looking for a font? Unless your font was purchased from the Silhouette Design Store, we are not able to help recover fonts obtained from other sources or that may have been preinstalled on your other computer where your fonts are/were.
  • Are you logged into the right Silhouette account? It's common for customers to create additional Silhouette accounts, often unintentionally. Make sure you are using the right email address for where your expected content was purchased or synced. If you have multiple accounts, we can merge them for you so that all of your content and account history is under one single account.