A "File Type Not Supported" error message indicates one of the following

Checking File Type

Check your file type to confirm that it should be compatible

If the file type is compatible with your software edition, close Silhouette Studio and update to the latest available version.

Opening Files

To open files, use the File Open option, or click on the Open icon in order to properly access the file. 

Continued Issues

If continued issues are encountered, you are welcome to send the file to support@silhouetteamerica.com for review. 

However, please note that while we can try to open the file to confirm whether or not there may be an issue with the file, Silhouette cannot guarantee or support custom files you have created, or files obtained from sources other than the Silhouette Design Store. This includes repairing the file. Silhouette can only confirm whether or not it can be opened.