If you are encountering a "No tool detected" message, this can indicate one of the following:

  • The wrong machine is selected in the Page Setup panel
  • The machine is not powered on
  • The machine is not connected to your computer
  • The design file was created using a different version of the software

Resolving the Error

To resolve these possible issues:

  1. Power on your Silhouette machine
  2. Ensure your blade or tool is inserted properly (seated all the way down into the machine, and then locked into place)
  3. Go to the Page Setup panel
  4. Select the machine that coincides with the machine you are using
  5. Ensure your machine is properly connected by visiting the link below for your computer type:
    PC - https://www.silhouetteamerica.com/faq/solution/could-not-connect-pc
    Mac - https://www.silhouetteamerica.com/faq/solution/could-not-connect-mac
  6. Go to the Send panel
  7. Click on the "MORE" button (by the cut settings)
  8. Select your material type from the list

Using Bluetooth Connection

If you have gone through the above steps without success, you may be able to alternately resolve this concern when connecting to your machine via Bluetooth, instead of connecting the computer to the machine via a USB cord.


NOTE: We understand you may have previously been able to connect via USB without encountering this concern. Please try this option anyway as this may be a software bug that was introduced since your last software upgrade. We encourage you to continue to update your software as you find new versions available.