The "Lever Open" error indicates that there has been an error in loading the Stamp Sheet into the Silhouette Mint™ machine.

Issue Resolution

To correct this error:

  1. Remove the Stamp Sheet from the Mint
  2. Turn over the Mint to view the bottom panel
  3. Ensure that the lever is in the PRINT position
  4. Turn the Mint back over and place it on a flat surface
  5. Power on the Mint
  6. Once you have your design ready In Mint Studio, click on the Send to Mint icon
  7. In the Send to Mint panel, click on the Start Mint button
  8. When prompted (at the bottom of the Send to Mint panel) insert your Stamp Sheet into the Mint

The Mint will then attempt to detect the Stamp Sheet and you should receive one of the following messages:

  • Detection Successful
    The Mint has detected the proper Stamp Sheet and will proceed to create your Stamp.

  • Media Not Detected
    Remove the Stamp Sheet and re-insert it as shown on the diagram in the Send to Mint panel

  • Lever Open
    Remove the Stamp Sheet, select Start Mint, and then insert the Stamp Sheet. Please note that you must first start the Mint prior to inserting your stamp sheet.