When going to send the job to your Silhouette machine, you may encounter an issue where the software is not connecting to your machine. In such cases, you will see that your machine is 'Unavailable' in the SEND panel.

Connectivity issues from Silhouette Studio to your cutting machine via USB can be caused by a number of variables. Review the information below to resolve this concern.

IMPORTANT: Review these steps in order. Do not skip any steps, even if you assume there is no concern.

STEP 1: Check Firmware Version

Start by checking your machine's firmware version. If a newer version is available, update your machine firmware.

STEP 2: Check Software Version

To check your software version:

  1. Open Silhouette Studio
  2. Go to Help > About Silhouette Studio
  3. Confirm the version by looking at the numbers (x.x.xxx) listed after 'Release'
  4. Check this version number against the current version number available on the software download page

If you are not running the current version of Silhouette Studio, update your software now.

STEP 3: Test Software Connection

To test the connection between Silhouette Studio and your machine:

  1. Close Silhouette Studio
  2. Power off the Silhouette cutting machine
  3. Disconnect the USB cable from both the Silhouette cutting machine and the computer
  4. Disconnect the power cable from the Silhouette cutting machine
  5. Open Silhouette Studio
  6. Go to the SEND panel
  7. Firmly plug in and power on the Silhouette cutting machine
  8. Firmly connect the USB cable directly to the machine AND directly to the computer (bypassing any USB hubs)
    NOTE: All connections should be made using Silhouette cables. Other cables cannot be guaranteed to work properly with Silhouette cutting machines.

If successfully connected, you will see a loading or ready status for your machine in the SEND panel.

NOTE: If the machine is still listed as 'Unavailable', proceed to the next step.

STEP 4:  Test Hardware Connection

To confirm a basic hardware connection between your Silhouette cutting machine and your computer:

  1. Confirm your Silhouette cutting machine is properly connected and powered on
  2. Go to the Apple menu > 'About This Mac'
  3. Expand the Hardware section and select 'USB'
  4. In the list of USB Devices, expand all USB device information

If your cutting machine has established a hardware connection with the computer, you will see an entry listing 'USB Composite Device'. When this device is selected, the information displayed will list the model name (i.e. Cameo, Portrait, or Curio).


  • If this information is displayed, then your machine has established a hardware connection with the computer. Go to STEP 5: Check for Interfering Connections
  • If the above device is not listed, go to STEP 6: Hardware Failure

STEP 5: Check for Interfering Connections

Reset the software’s detected connections:

  1. Close Silhouette Studio
  2. Open the Finder
  3. Press the CMD + SHIFT + G keys
  4. In the Go to Folder dialogue, type ~/Library/Preferences
  5. Locate and delete the folder "com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio"
  6. Empty the Trash
  7. Perform the steps found in 'STEP 3: Test Software Connection' above

If these steps are unsuccessful in establishing a connection:

  1. Close Silhouette Studio
  2. Select the Wireless icon in the Menu bar (near the time display)
  3. Select the option to Turn WiFi Off
  4. Perform the steps found in 'STEP 3: Test Software Connection' above

NOTE: If a connection is still not able to be established, proceed to the next step

STEP 6: Assessing Hardware Failure

If a hardware connection has previously been established through the software, then a hardware failure is unlikely. It is unlikely that replacing the USB cable or machine will resolve this issue. We would encourage you to review and re-follow the steps above.

If a basic hardware connection has never been established on this computer, one of the following issues is occurring:

  • USB Port Failure
  • USB Cable Failure
  • Machine Failure

To confirm that the issue is not due to (1) USB Port Failure, perform the steps from 'STEP 4: Testing Hardware Connection' using the USB ports on the opposite side of the computer (front/back, right/left) than you had previously tried.

To confirm that the issue is not due to (2) USB Cable Failure, perform the steps from 'STEP 4: Testing Hardware Connection' using an alternate USB cord, you can confirm is working properly with another device.

If you are still unable to connect to your machine, contact support@silhouetteamerica.com to confirm you have gone through all of these steps unsuccessfully.